View From Jackson Lake

View From Jackson Lake
We asked a ranger about good photo opportunities around the park and she told us to go to the lake, early in the morning and get the reflection photos. We got up early our first morning and couldn’t even see the mountains due to the smoke.
We spent the day driving around the park and hoping the smoke would clear. It did a little, but the wind blew and blew…. so no reflection pictures.
On our last morning, we decided to take a drive to the lake and this is what we got to see. I know it could be better with clearer skies, but I still thought it was amazing. What a great place to be.

At Jackson Lake, there is a dam on the river to create the lake. I took some of my reflection pictures from the dam but then found a trail that went around the edge of the lake. If you ever go there, find that trail. The views are amazing and it is very peaceful. Such a great place to get close to our Creator.

Nikon D300s

ISO: 200

Shutter speed: 1/640 sec

Aperture: f/8.0

Focal length: 52.0 mm

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