Nature's Window Photography is all about enjoying all of the splendor and beauty that surrounds us. I have been practicing my art for many years - probably around 40 by now. Photography is definitely one of my passions along with my family, my faith and of course fly fishing. I love to travel and look at all of creation. It truly brings me joy to go out into the world and look for those extraordinary sights of nature, wildlife and people, attempt to capture them and share them with others. It is my goal to create photos that inspire those that view them. I hope that they might bring you peace and relaxation, awe and excitement or simply a smile and a dream. I have seen many parts of this great country as well as some travel abroad and I am happy to share the scenes of nature that I have seen with you. ​As I continue my travels and capture the scenes before me, I will happily share them with all who care to see them. ​ ​Have a wonderful day and may God bless you. ​Terry Reader


People make some of the most interesting photos….especially family.