Skijoring 2017

Skijoring 2017
So, every year, for the first weekend of March, Leadville hauls all the snow they been taking off the streets during the winter back to the main drag to hold the annual Skijoring event. The main street is shut down from Thursday night until Sunday evening and the town is filled with horses, cowboys and cowgirls and skiers….. and of course lots of spectators.
It’s about going fast, getting some air and focus on the path ahead. There are several different levels from pure amateurs to the sport or pro level. It is a challenge at each level and, like most sports, it certainly has risk associated with it.

Nikon D300s

ISO: 200

Shutter speed: 1/400 sec

Aperture: f/10.0

Focal length: 48.0 mm

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