Cascade Canyon

Cascade Canyon
On our trip, we took a boat ride on Jenny Lake in the Tetons that delivered us on the shore at the foot of the mountain. We then made the hike to Inspiration Point. It had a beautiful view of the lake and the valley beyond.
I continued on from there up the Cascade Canyon trail. Linda decided to wait for me, so I tried to hurry.
When I began to top out in the saddle of the canyon, this was part of the view. The stream over the boulders, the fireweed along the edge and the rugged mountains in the distance. More of His endless beauty. It was a sight to behold. If the skies had been clear, I can only imagine what it might have been.

There was smoke in the air this morning due to fires that were burning south of Jackson Hole. We got up this morning to a heavy smoke and were kind of disappointed, however, the area was still something to behold. The whole Tetons Mountain range is stunning. I was just really glad to be there this morning and see this view. Glorious!

Nikon D300s

ISO: 200

Shutter speed: 1/13 sec

Aperture: f/22.0

Focal length: 18.0 mm


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